Lose 20 Lbs. Guaranteed!.
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Lose 20 Lbs. Guaranteed!

There guy goes to a weight loss clinic and says he needs to lose 20 lbs. The
receptionist sends him upstairs, where he finds a beautiful naked woman with a
sign that says If you catch me, you can screw me. An hour later, he emerges,
sated and 20 lbs. lighter.
A month later, he returns and needs to lose 50 lbs. The receptionist sends him
upstairs again, but this time there are two girls with the same sign. A day
later, he comes out 50 lbs. lighter.
A year later, he returns and needs to lose 100 lbs. He gets sent upstairs
again, where he finds a huge gorilla with a sign that reads If I catch you, I
screw you.
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