Forgetful Minds.
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Forgetful Minds

A couple has been married for 50 years. One day they went to a doctor because
they recently had been forgetting things and they were afraid that they would
leave the stove on. The doctor said, 揟here is no way medically, but you could
always write notes to help you remember things.?
That night, as the wife was getting up, her husband asked what she was doing.
She replied, was just going to make some ice cream.?The husband insisted
that he would make it. As he was walking into the kitchen, she called out, 揥ITH
揙kay dear,?he replied.
揂nd sprinkles too!?
揙kay dear.?
From the kitchen came sounds of banging pots and pans and nearly twenty
minutes later he came back into the room with bacon and eggs. The wife said 揝o?
Where's the toast??
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