He Can Fly, If He Just Believes....
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He Can Fly, If He Just Believes...

A man was in the waiting room at the hospital, pacing the floor. His wife was
inside having their first child. After a while the doctor came out to talk to
the nervous father.
Well, your baby is here. It's a boy. And guess what? He can fly! The doctor
let go of the baby and it hit the floor with a SMACK. The father was irate. The
doctor calmed him down
Don't worry, I'm a doctor. I know what I'm doing. Your baby really can fly.
Watch. Again, the doctor picked up the baby, and this time tossed it across the
room. Again, the baby hit the floor with a hard SMACK. The father was just about
ready to kill the doctor.
You idiot! You're going to kill my baby!
Don't worry. He just needs to be scared a little. So the doctor took the
baby and held it out the third story window. The doctor let go of the baby and
it hit the sidewalk below with a sickening SPLAT. The father was beside himself
with anger.
You son-of-a-bitch! I'm gonna kill you!
Hey, don't worry! I'm just joking with you. Your baby was stillborn.
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