Best Reported Allergies:.
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Best Reported Allergies:

Nitrous oxide - Makes me light-headed
Novocain - Makes me numb
Novocain - When it wore off I had a lot of pain
Bleach - When I inhale it, have rasp. distress
Epinephrine - makes my heart race
Poison Ivy - gives me a rash
Erythromycin - N/V

Dextrose-- causes SOB
Diprovan-- lose consciousness
paper tape-- causes tachycardia
codeine-makes me constipated and vomit

Cortisone - gives me hives
Morphine - makes me sleepy

Ampicillin -- gives me a yeast infection
Cortisone/prednisone -- makes me puffy

I can only take brand name drugs, I get a rash from any generics

Allergic to oxygen
Allergic to water
Allergic to all painkillers except Demerol
I'm allergic to Demerol, codeine, Morphine and 2mg Deluded. But I can take
4mg Dilaudid.
Allergic to: non-narcotic pain relievers
I'm allergic to all painkillers except one. I think it called
'perc-a-something' but I really don't remember the exact name.
Doc, I'm allergic to 50 milligrams of Demerol but 100 mg doesn't hurt me at
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