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A lady rushes into the veterinarian and screams, I found my dog unconscious
and I can't wake him -- do something.
The vet lays the dog on the examination table and after a few simple tests he
says, I'm sorry, I don't feel a pulse, I'm afraid your dog is dead.
The lady can't accept this and says, No, no, he can't be dead -- do something
The vet goes into the other room, and comes back with a little cat. The cat
jumps up on the table and starts sniffing the dog from head to toe. It sniffs
and sniffs up and down the dog, then all of a sudden just stops and jumps off
the table and leaves. Well, that confirms it, the vet says, your dog is
The lady is very upset but finally settles down. Okay, I guess you're right.
How much do I owe you? The vet says, That will be $340.
The lady has a fit and asks, Why is it so much? After the entire vet didn't
do anything for the dog.
Well, the vet replied, its $40 for the office visit and $300 for the CAT
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