Redneck Birth Control... Cherry bomb.
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Redneck Birth Control... Cherry bomb

A man and a woman from Alabama don't want any more children because they
already have 11. So the husband goes to a doctor in Ohio. The doctor asks, What
state are you from?
The man says Alabama. The doctor tells him to go home, put a lit cherry bomb
in an empty soda can, hold it in his hand, and count to 10. The husband isn't so
sure of this, so he goes to another doctor, this time in California.
When that doctor finds out that the husband is from Alabama, he tells him the
exact same thing that the doctor in Ohio told him. The husband figures that the
doctors must be right.
So he goes home, puts a lit cherry bomb in a soda can, and starts to count.
''1...2...3...4...5...'' The husband takes the soda can and puts it between his
legs to continue counting on his fingers on his right hand. ''6...7...8...9...''

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