Wedding Night.
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Wedding Night

A woman from Alabama, who knew absolutely nothing about sex, fell in love with
a man and agreed to marry him. The honeymoon went well and was great fun, but as
soon as she got home, she went to see her doctor to question him on some of the
new things she'd seen.
What can I help you with?'' he asked.
''Well first, what is that thing between my husband's legs called?''
''Ma'am,'' he answered, ''that there is called a penis.''
''I see,'' she said. ''Now what is the big thing on the end of the penis
''Why that there is called the head of the penis.''
''I do declare!'' exclaimed the young woman. ''One last question doctor, what
are those two big round things about 12 to 14 inches behind the head of the
''I'm not sure about your husband, ma'am, but on me, they're called the cheeks
of my ass!''
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