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1. The Doctor Knows Better (7/1/2011)
   A man was hit by a cab in the street. He was brought to the hospital. His wife who was standing up by his bed, said to the doctor: `I think that he is very ill.` `I am afraid that he is dead.`said the doctor.
2. The Brain Surgeon (4/21/2011)
   The patient was amazed at the huge difference in price. `Is the brain of a politician that much better?` he asked.
3. Who is nuts? (12/10/2010)
   In a hospital for mentally disturbed people, when the doctor walked into the room of a patient, he saw him dangling from the ceiling. Being frightened, he called the nurse to come and pull him down for fear that the man might fall to his death.
4. Sleeping Pills (8/19/2010)
   Bob was having trouble getting to sleep at night. He went to see his doctor, who prescribed some extra-strong sleeping pills. Sunday night Bob took the pills, slept well and was awake before he heard the alarm.
5. Old Lady With Gas (5/9/2010)
   This old lady went to a doctor's office and told him that she has bad gas, but you can't smell it or hear it. So the doctor gives her two pills and tells her
6. Bacon in My Ear (5/9/2010)
   A guy walks into a doctor's office. He has a sausage coming out of his ear, a waffle coming out of his nose, and bacon coming out of his other ear. He says wo
7. Taking Sides (5/9/2010)
   There was a man who got into a car accident. He was soon rushed to the hospital. The left side of his body was completely paralyzed. The doctor said, He was
8. Proctologists Accident (5/9/2010)
   What kind of accident did the proctologist have? He was rear-ended!
9. Doctor, Doctor! Gimme The News! (5/9/2010)
   An old man and an old lady went in the doctor's office to get their yearly exam. The doctor came in and started to get some information from them. He then tol
10. Quizzical (5/9/2010)
   A man and his son are in a car accident and are rushed to the hospital. But when he's wheeled into the OR, the doctor looks at the boy and says I can't operat
11. American Technology (5/9/2010)
   A group of doctors were at a convention in switzerland. the topic of discussion was the new medical technology from their countries. 'in my country, a german
12. Who listens? (5/9/2010)
   Dr. Jones, a young psychiatrist begins his practice in an office building. After several weeks, he realizes that the older man he usually sees in the elevator
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