Thats not an attorney! -- Thats God..
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Thats not an attorney! -- Thats God.

A judge of some thirty years passed away unexpectedly. Upon his passing he
as greeted by an angel who explained he was there to guide the judge to heaven.
The angel introduced himself and added, and I must say it is truly an honor to
meet you. As they slowly headed closer to the pearly gates the judge suddenly
stopped dead in his tracks and in no uncertain terms said, Listen, I don't care
how rare it is for someone of my stature to make it up here, but if there are
any attorneys in there, I'm not going in. I'm tired of them all. I'd rather
suffer an eternity in hell than argue with another minute with an attorney.
Arriving at the pearly gates, and with much eyebrow raising by the
heavenly host, the judge was determined to be worthy to enter heaven. One
moment, St. Peter, said the judge as the gates to heaven swung open for him,
just one thing, I'm tired of being around attorneys. I've been around them all
of my life. Are there any inside? Because if there are, the deal's off and you
can just send me to hell right now! Certainly not! cried St. Peter, You're
quite safe. There are no attorneys in here. Feeling reassured, the judge
pressed on and through the pearly gates into heaven. The judge found heaven very
enjoyable until one day when all of a sudden a very elderly gentleman with a
long white beard, wearing a suit and carrying a briefcase in one hand and a
handful of papers in the other pushed past him mumbling something about be late
for court. Enraged, the judge stormed back to St. Peter. Hey! St. Peter! cried
the judge, You said there were no attorneys here. There aren't, stammered
St. Peter. I bed to differ, the angered judge promptly retorted, then pointing
to the elderly man, What does that elderly guy over there look like to you?
demanded the judge. Oh my, St. Peter said laughingly, That's not an attorney!
-- That's God. He just thinks he's an attorney!
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