Im OK.
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An Amish man named Samuel was injured when a car at an intersection struck
him and his horse. Samuel sued the driver of the car. In court, he was
cross-examined by the driver's lawyer:
Lawyer: Samuel, you've told us all about your injuries. However, according
to the accident report, you told the investigating officer at the scene that you
weren't injured at all, isn't that true?
Samuel: Well ... let me explain.
Lawyer: Go right ahead (thinking he now had the plaintiff on the ropes).
Please tell the jury.
Samuel: When the officer arrived at the scene, he first looked upon my
fallen horse. Finding him injured, the officer said to me, Looks like he has a
broken leg, and then he took out his weapon and shot my horse dead. The officer
next looked upon me and asked how I was doing. Suffering from the same injury as
my horse, I of course immediately replied, I'm OK!
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