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A law firm receptionist answered the phone the morning after the firm's senior
partner had passed away unexpectedly. Is Mr. Spenser there? asked the client
on the phone.
I'm very sorry, but Mr. Spenser passed away last night, the receptionist
answered. Can anyone else help you?
The man paused for a moment, then quietly said, no and hung up.
Ten minutes later, he called again and asked for Mr. Spenser, his ex-wife's
lawyer. The receptionist said, You just called a few minutes ago, didn't you?
Mr. Spenser has died. I'm not making this up. The man again hung up.
Fifteen minutes later, he called a third time and asked for Mr. Spenser. The
receptionist was irked by this time. I've told you twice already, Mr. Spenser
is dead. He is not here! Why do you keep asking for him when I say he's dead?
Don't you understand what I'm saying?
The man replied, I understand you perfectly. I just like hearing you say it
over and over.
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