Taking It With You.
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Taking It With You

A clever attorney was convinced he found a way to take all of his riches with him when he died. When he finally became ill and saw that death was imminent, he instructed his wife to sell all of his investments and buy gold coins with the proceeds. She was instructed to place the gold in several bags with handles and place them in the attic directly over his bedroom. His plan was that when he died, his soul would rise up out of his body and ascend to heaven. As he passed through the attic, he would grab the bags of gold and take them with him.
Days later he finally died and the next day his wife went to the attic to see if the gold was gone, but found it was all still there. "The damn fool," she said to herself. "I told him we should have placed the bags in the basement."
Moral: We´re not going to be able to take it with us when we go. Even if we´re so clever as to place half our riches in the attic and half in the basement, they´ll probably take us out the side door!
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