Lawyer and st. peter.
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Lawyer and st. peter

The lawyer is standing at the gate to Heaven and St. Peter is listing his

1) Defending a large corporation in a pollution suit where he knew they were
2) Defending an obviously guilty murderer because the fee was high.
3) Overcharging fees to many clients.
4) Prosecuting an innocent woman because a scapegoat was needed in a
controversial case. And the list goes on for quite awhile.

The lawyer objects and begins to argue his case. He admits all these things,
but argues, Wait, I've done some charity in my life also. St. Peter looks in
his book and says,Yes, I see. Once you gave a dime to a panhandler and once you
gave an extra nickel to the shoeshine boy, correct? The lawyer gets a smug look
on his face and replies, Yes. St. Peter turns to the angel next to him and
says, Give this guy 15 cents and tell him to go to hell.
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