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   There was a little boy who wanted to know the alphabet. He went to his teacher and said Teacher, teach me the alphabet, but make it quick 'cause I have to go
2. The math teacher (5/9/2010)
   The math teacher saw that little Johnny wasn't paying attention in class. She called on him and said, Johnny! What are 2 and 4 and 28 and 44? Little Johnny qu
3. Left-handed Wonder (5/9/2010)
   Little Bobby was spending the weekend with his grandmother after particularly trying week in kindergarten. His grandmother decided to take him to the park on S
4. Childrens Letters to God (5/9/2010)
   Dear GOD, I love animals. My goal is to be like Noah and have two of each in my room. -Patrick Dear GOD, In school they told us what You do. Who does it when
5. Watch your Reasoning! (5/9/2010)
   A freshmore in college started his first day of classes. His professor was clearly an atheist, and started the day by saying the following: Students, is there
6. Young Art (5/9/2010)
   A kindergarten teacher was observing her classroom of children while they drew. She would occasionally walk around to see each child's artwork. As she came to
7. Where is God!? (5/9/2010)
   A desperate young mother had two incorrigible boys. Having exhausted all suggestions for controlling the little hellions, she tried one last approach: she too
8. The Bare Truth (5/9/2010)
   A precocious 4-year-old was brought to the ER with a severe cough, a nurse writes. She kept up a non-stop conversation while I was trying to assess her lung s
9. Gods Handywork (5/9/2010)
   Grandpa and granddaughter were sitting talking when she asked, Did God make you, Grandpa? Yes, God made me, the grandfather answered. A few minutes later, th
10. Elijah and the Altar (5/9/2010)
   The Sunday school teacher was carefully explaining the story of Elijah the Prophet and the false prophets of Baal. She explained how Elijah built the altar, p
11. Dust you are and... (5/9/2010)
   A little boy had just got home from Sunday School and mom was cooking lunch. Mommy, is it true that before you're born you're just dust and after you die you
12. The Pillar and the Pole (5/9/2010)
   The Sunday School teacher described how Lot's wife looked back at Sodom and was turned into a pillar of salt. Suddenly one child interrupted. My mom looked ba
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