Doctor doctor collection 09.
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Doctor doctor collection 09

Doctor: You seem to be in excellent health. Your pulse is as regular as clockwork.

Patient: That's because you've got your hand on my watch!

Doctor, Doctor I've had tummy ache since I ate three crabs yesterday.

Did they smell bad when you took them out of their shells?

What do you mean took them out of their shells!

Doctor, Doctor, everyone keeps ignoring me.

Next please!

Doctor, Doctor, some days I feel like a tee-pee and other days I feel like a wig-wam.

You're too tents.

Doctor, Doctor I keep thinking I'm a dog.

Sit on the couch and we will talk about it.

But I'm not allowed up on the couch!

Doctor, Doctor I've a split personality

Well, you'd better both sit down then!

Doctor, Doctor I keep thinking I'm a nit

Will you get out of my hair!

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