Elephant jokes 08.
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Elephant jokes 08

What to you get if you cross a parrot with an elephant?

An animal that tells you everything that it remembers!

What is a baby elephant after he is five weeks old?

Six weeks old!

What did the elephant say when the man grabbed him by the tail?

This is the end of me!

Policeman: One of your elephants has been seen chasing a man on a bicycle.

Zoo Keeper: Nonsense, none of my elephants knows how to ride a bicycle!

Why do the elephants have short tails?

Because they can't remember long stories!

How to you keep an elephant in suspense?

I'll tell you tomorrow!

Dad, Mum is fighting with an enormous elephant in the garden!

Don't worry dear, I'm sure the elephant can look after itself!

My elephants got no trunk?

How does it smell?


What do elephants sing at christmas?

Noel-ephants, Noel-ephants...

Who do elephants get their christmas presents from?

Elephanta Claus!

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