Elephant jokes 05.
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Elephant jokes 05

Why did the elephant paint his toenails red?

So he could hide in the cherry tree!

What do you get if you cross an elephant and a kangaroo?

Big holes all over Australia!

What's the difference between a sick elephant and seven days?

One is a weak one and the other one week!

What pill would you give to an elephant that can't sleep?


Why are elephants grey?

So you can tell them from flamingos!

Elephant Keeper: My Elephant isn't well, do you know a good animal doctor?

Zoo Keeper: No, all the doctors I know are people!

Why do elephants scratch themselves?

Because they're the only ones who know where they itch!

How does an elephant get down from a tree?

He sits on a leaf and waits till autumn!

Why did the elephant paint himself with different colours?

Because he wanted to hide in the colouring box!

How do you know that peanuts are fattening?

Have you ever seen a skinny elephant?

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