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1. Ducks in Heaven (5/8/2010)
   Three friends die in a car crash and go to heaven. At the gates of heaven, St. Peter tells them that they can stay in heaven as long as they don't step on a d
2. Ultra dumb People (5/8/2010)
   Police in Los Angeles had good luck with a robbery suspect who just couldn't control himself during a lineup. When detectives asked each man in the lineup to
3. Ways to annoy your waiter (5/8/2010)
   10. Eight hour lunch, two-dollar tip. 9. Ask, Excuse me, are you a really bad singer, or a really bad actor? 8. After he describes each special, you shout,
4. Ill Have To Trouble You Again (5/8/2010)
   A fine-looking gentleman sat down in the main dining room of an expensive restaurant. He ordered a big dinner and spent an hour enjoying himself. After he was
5. Dizzy Definitions (5/8/2010)
   Acquaintance: A person you know well enough to borrow from, but not well enough to lend to. Bachelor: A guy who gets to keep all his take-home pay. Pedestr
6. Fun Ways To Order Pizza (5/8/2010)
   If using a touch-tone, press random numbers while ordering. Ask the person taking the order to stop doing that. Make up a charge-card name. Ask if they accep
7. Telegram (5/8/2010)
   A man, fond of practical jokes, decided late one night to send his friend a collect telegram, which read, I am perfectly well. A week later, the joker receiv
8. Fun Ways To Confuse Trick-Or-Treaters (5/8/2010)
   Give away something other than candy. (Toothpicks, golf balls, AOL Disks, etc.) Wait behind the door until some people come. When they get near the door, jum
9. Chinese Proverds (5/8/2010)
   Virginity likes bubble, one prick, all gone. Man who run in front of car get tired? Men who run behind car get exhausted. Man with hand in pocket feel coc
10. Viruses you might catch (5/8/2010)
   THE CLINTON Virus...(Gives you a 7-Inch Hard Drive with NO memory.) THE BOB DOLE (AKA: VIAGRA) virus...(Makes a new hard drive out of an old floppy) THE LE
11. Excuse Form For All Occasions (5/8/2010)
   This form is designed for excuse you'll need for the trouble you've caused.. Whenever there's a multiple choice, pick the one that works best for your situati
12. Because 7, 8, 9. (5/8/2010)
   Q. Why is 6 afraid of 7? A. Because 7, 8, 9. !!!!!!!!!!
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