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1. Bystander waiting to see play (3/5/2013)
   The retailer on the right put up huge signs saying, `Gigantic Sale!` and `Super Bargains!` The store on the left raised bigger signs proclaiming, `Prices Slashed!` and `Fantastic Discounts!`
2. Day 983 of my captivity (3/5/2013)
   They dine lavishly on fresh meat, while the other inmates and I are fed hash or some sort of dry nuggets. Although I make my contempt for the rations perfectly clear, I nevertheless must eat something in order to keep up my strength.
3. traffic lights are so pretty (3/4/2013)
   In the side of the bank, there is a crossroads, is the only way that I go home every day. One evening, I drove the car with the three-year-old daughter home, came to the embankment, from afar, I saw a few traffic lights are out, the crossroads were in bad .
4. My name is mages, Sir (3/4/2013)
   Then he went to each soldier one after another and asked him his name. `Speak loudly so that everyone can hear you clearly,` He said, `and don't forget to call me 'sir'`.
5. I brush is not so high (2/27/2013)
   Jimmy's pictures were different from other people's because he never painted on all of the paper. He painted on half of it, and the other half was always empty.
6. But why has it taked this long (2/27/2013)
   A young couple were becoming anxious about their four-year-old son, who had not yet talked. They took him to specialists, but the doctors found nothing wrong with him.
7. We met many cadets in neatly pressed uniforms (2/23/2013)
   My father, brother and I visited West Point to see a football game between Army and Boston College. Taking a stroll before kickoff, we met many cadets in neatly pressed uniforms.
8. The Effectiveness of Advertisement (2/23/2013)
   Some businessmen were talking about advertising on TV excitedly. As none of them had ever done it before, every one had his point of view.
9. Mr Howard don't like it (2/22/2013)
   The celebration of the 50th anniversary of Lei Feng Day should serve as a reminder to others that altruism is always necessary for a harmonious society.
10. A Man of Actions (2/22/2013)
   A crowd of student was gathered on the campus of Oxford University. `You can have no doubt,` shouted a young man excitedly, `that if the Dean does not take back what he said to me this morning, I'll leave Oxford this very evening£¡`
11. He found his wife in the wave half year old daughter (2/8/2013)
   One day, John was back home after work. He found that his wife was shaking their daughter who was only half a year old. She said `Da-Dy` to the baby many times. John felt very happy because he thought his wife chose the word `Dady` to teach their baby.
12. Only when he is drunk (2/8/2013)
   A man is driving, with his wife, when he is pulled over by A policeman. `Sir,` says the cop. `and You were going sixty in A fifty.` `No, I was not.` `Yes, You were,` says the wife.
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