Different Audience.
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Different Audience

Al Smith was governor of New York State£® He was a fa mous man£® He was born very poor on the East Side of New York City£® He had little education£® He worked very hard and won great success£®

One day£¬ as governor£¬ he was visiting the state prison at Sing Sing£® Sing Sing is one of the largest prisons in the United States£® The head of the prison asked Mr£® Smith to say some thing to the prisoners£® Mr£® Smith had never spoken to thiskind of audience before£®He did not know how to begin£®

Finally£¬ he said£¬"My fellow citizens¡­£®" Then he re mem bered that when a man goes to prison he is no longer a citizen£® He began again£®"My fellow prisoners¡­£®" That did not sound right£¬ so he said£º"Well£¬ anyway£¬ I'm glad to see so many of you here today£®"
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