Does the dog understand Englis.
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Does the dog understand Englis

One day ,i went to the restaurant with my foreigner friends.They are couples.

Well,we ordered the food and enjoyed .We just chatted for a while.

The girl said "i feel lonly when i am in home,i miss my family and my little dog"!

"well , you can buy a dog when you have free time"I said.

"Do i have right to have a dog"?she asked.

"certainly,it is different from the western country,so you just buy a little dog,it is ok".i replyed.

"NO ,you can not have a dog.when we go out for work .what about the dog?"He asked.

"well, we just put some foods and water on the ground,when we finished work ,we just come is alright"she replyed.

"but when go back to our country ,what about the dog"he aseked again.

"we just bring the dog to back our country,no problem" she ansered.

He thought about it for a while and asked"well,but it is in China,does the dog can understand English or just Chinese?"

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