Impudent Questions.
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Impudent Questions

A little girl from the East Side was invited to a garden party given by a very aristocratic lady to a group of little East-Siders.

The little girl, as she drank her tea and ate her plum-cake on a velvet lawn under a white-blooming cherry tree, said to her hostess:

"Does your husband drink?"

"Why-er-no, not to excess," was the astonished reply.

"How much does he make?"

"He doesn't work, " said the lady. "He is a capitalist."

"You keep out of debt, I hope?"

"Of course, child. What on earth do you mean by all these impudent questions?"

"Impudent?" said the little girl. "Why, Ma'am, Mother told me to be sure and behave like a lady, and when ladies call at our rooms they always question Mother like that."
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