They don't talk.
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They don't talk

Mr Jones was very angry with his wife ,and she was very angry with her husband. For several days.They did not speak to each other at all.One evening Mr Jones was very tired when he came back from work,so he wentto bed soon after dinner. Of course he did not say anything to Mrs Jones before went up stairs.Mrs Jones washed the dinner things and then did some sewing.When she went up to bed much later than her husband,she found a piece of paper on the small table near her bed.On it were the words,"Mother---Wake me up at 7 a.m.----Father.

When Mr Jones woke up the next morning, it was nearly 8 a.m.---and on the small table near his bed he saw another piece of paper. He took it and read these words:"Father.---Wake up.Tt is 7 a.m.---Mother.
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