test yourself.
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test yourself

john puts two big baskets of grapes on his donkey and goes to sell them. at midday it is very hot ,so he stops at the foot of a big tree. there are several other men there , and all of them have donkeys and baskets of grapes too. after their lunch they go to sleep. after some time, john begins to take grapes out of the other men's baskets and puts them in his.

suddenly one of the men wakes up and see him."what are you doing?"he says angrily.

"oh,"says john,"don't worry about me. i am half mad, and i do a lot of strange things."

"oh, really?"says the other man,"then why don't you sometimes take grapes out of your baskets and put them in somebody else's basket?"

"you did not understand me,"says john,"i said that i was only half mad."
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