I wonder if 3D Movies.
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I wonder if 3D Movies

1.It is not easy to watch using 3D glasses together with your own glasses. I wish I have a longer and more distinguished nose to hold both glasses.
2.It is possible to learn a new language within a few months. For me, I actually thought I understood the language within the first hour of watching the movie. What about compulsory studying Na'vi for people in the secret service?
3.Avatar movie's message of not destroying the balance of Mother Earth isso much better communicated as compared to Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth.
4.I wonder if 3D Movies spell the end of movie piracy?

5.Many people may want to ask their travel agents about a visit to Pandora for their next holiday.

6.Avatarising our pictures will be hottest facebook app. This free online service will be the greatest leveler because I think we will all look really bad.
7.The phrase I am feeling blue will take a whole new meaning.8.This brief love conversation will be adapted and used extensively during wedding ceremonies all around the world in 2010.

Jake Sully: I have already chosen. But this female; she must also choose me.

Neytiri: She already has.
9.Since Avatar is a box office hit, I guess there will be an Avatar TV series and video game.
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