On Miracle.
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On Miracle

In Sunday school, the minister was trying to illustrate the word miracle. "Boys and girls," he said, "suppose I stood on the roof of a ten-story building, lost my balance and fell off. Then all of a sudden in midair, a whirlwind swept me up and brought me safely to the ground. Now what word would you use to describe this?"

After a long silence a boy raised his hand and said, "Luck?"

"True, true," replied the minister. "It could be luck - but that's not the word I wanted. I'll repeat the story. There I am on top of the ten-story building again, and I fall. A whirlwind catches me in midair and places me safely on the ground. Think now - what word would describe the situation?"

"Accident," cried out one girl.

"No, no," answered the minister. "Listen carefully for the third time. I'm on the same building; I fall and am swept to safety by a sudden whirlwind. What word could account for my safely reaching the ground?"

The boys and girls shouted in unison:"Practice!"

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