The kitchen is on fire.
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The kitchen is on fire

Mr£®Brown was busy writing letters in his room when his servant,a very stupid boy, rushed hastily into his master's room and shouted loudly in an excited voice,"Fire, Fire£¡The kitchen is on fire! "

Mr£®Brown got up quickly, and he and the boy ran as fastas they could to the kitchen£®

"Look there, " shouted the boy, pointing to the leaping flames£®He had carelessly left some dry wood near the fire and this was alight and blazing hard£® Mr£®Brown saw a big pot of boiling water on the top of the stove£®"You silly fellow, "he said£®"Why didn't you throw that on the burning wood? That would have put it out quickly£®"

"Oh, no, "said the boy slowly, "That water would beuseless; it's hot water."

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