Suggesting the idle.
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Suggesting the idle

He who sleeps catches no fish£¬¡ªbut he who keeps awake catches crabs every moment of his life£®

All professions can yield a man enough to live on,¡ªexcept professions of faith£®

When attending the performance of some modern operas,it has struck me that the conductor was only beating time because he could not beat the composer£®

If in the sight of the law all men are equal, Heaven save us from getting into its sight£®

When you want to get rid of a dog, you take off his collar;¡ªwhen the king wants to get rid of a minister, he give shim the collar¡ªof the Order of the Annunziata£®

The place where they ruin people's voices, and throw aside all the canons of art,is called the Conservatoire;and a hospital full of sick peopk is called a"house of health"£¨Casadi Salute£©£®

Among the many motives which induce me to stay away from the theatre is the utter absence of all motive in modernoperas£®

How many old phrases are required to make a new electoral programme£¡

All musical notes may express cheerful ideas; it is only thenotes of creditors which arouse none but melancholy reflections£®

I entered the shop of a pork butcher at the moment when his son, aged eight,was returning from school.The poor boy was weeping bitterly£®

"The old story£¡"exclaimed his parent ; "I suppose you did not learn your lessons, and the master called you an ass, as you deserved£¡"

"Yes£¡" replied the child, sobbing, "he did call me an ass,¡ªand then¡ª"

"Well,¡ªand then ¡ªwhat else£¿"

"He said,¡®well, after all, it is no wonder¡ªlike father,like son!¡¯"

"Did he£¬indeed£¿the animal!"exclaimed the porkbutcher£®"And to think that perhaps he has not yet eaten the whole of those two sausages I sent him at Christmas!"
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