The Fuel.
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The Fuel

One day, Mr Caterpillar decided to hitch a ride to town. As he was standing by the roadside, a family of bees came by in a little car and offered him a ride. Gratefully, he accepted.

After putting along merrily for a few kilometres, the engine sputtered, and the car rolled to a halt. Without saying a word, Papa Bee alighted and urinated into the fuel intake. When he turned the starter, the enginestarted up, much to Mr Caterpillar's amazement! However, he did not say a word.

The car went on for quite some distance before the engine died again. This time, it was Mother Bee who urinated into the fuel intake, and again, the car started up after that.

The process was then repeated again for Baby Bee. By the time the engine died for the fourth time, the little car was only a few kilometres from town.

Not wanting to appear unsophisticated, Mr Caterpillar got out of the car without a word, and started opening the fuel cap. In a flash, Papa Bee got out of the car.¡¡"What are you doing?", asked Papa Bee.

"I'm going to piss in the fuel intake, just like you did",said Mr Caterpillar.

"Oh, no", said Papa Bee patiently,¡¡"that won't do. This car only runs on Bee Pee!"
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