Jills legs.
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Jills legs

So this new bar opens and the owner can't think of a name. So he decides to
name the bar after the 3rd person who walks in. It takes doesn抰 take long and
soon the 3rd customer walks in.

the owner jumps up and walks over to the girl. 揧ou're the 3rd person to enter
my bar and I'm going to name it after you.?

揙kay? she says, 搈y name is Jill?

The owner looks her over and says, 揑 like your legs so I'm going to name the
bar 'Jill's Legs'?

The next day a bum is sitting outside the bar and a cop asks him what he's
doing. He answers, 揥aiting for Jill's Legs to open so I can get a drink!?
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