Ugly guy.
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Ugly guy

A guy is sitting all alone at a bar, the bartender looks at him and laughs.
The man shrugs it off... The bartender looks at him and laughs again, the
bartender finally went over to the man and said I'm sorry but you have to be
the ugliest man that I have ever seen. the man replied by saying I don抰 think
so I can get any lady that I want. The bartender looks around and sees a hot
blond sitting at the table with her huge boyfriend, and tells the ugly man that
he bet $50 that he couldn抰 get the woman to even talk to him. the ugly man
agrees and says ill bet another $50 that I can walk straight out the door with
her. the bartender accepted. the ugly man walked over the girl jumped into his
arms and they walked out the door. The bartender went over to the boyfriend and
said damn that sucks but what happened? the man replied with I don抰 know he
just stood there licking his eyebrows.
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