The sailor and the pirate.
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The sailor and the pirate

A sailor and a pirate walk into a bar. they sit down next to each other, get
to talking and their chat soon turns to their sea adventures. the sailor tells
of his days fighting wars with the navy, and the pirate tells of robbing ships
and killing his enemies with the other pirates.

the sailor notices that the pirate has an eye patch, a hook, and a peg leg and
asks, 揾ow did you get the peg leg??

the pirate replies, 搘hen i was thrown off my ship and flatted for two days
until my crew rescued me, my leg was bitten off by a shark as i was being pulled
out of the water?

the sailor, impressed, says, 搘ow. that's very exciting. but how about the

the pirate smiles, shining the hook a bit, 搘hen i was sword fighting with a
pirate from our enemy ship for treasure, he took it right off.''

the sailor's eyes were wide with awe at how badas this pirate was, and he

how did you get the eye patch??搘ell,?says the pirate, shifting in his seat
a bit, 揳 seagull s*** in my eye.?

the seaman looks puzzled: 搚ou lost an eye from gull s***??

the pirate sighed and shook his head. 搃t was my first day with the hook.?
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