The hamster show.
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The hamster show

A guy walks into a bar and asks the bartender if he will give him a free beer
if he shows him something amazing. The bartender agrees, so the guys pull out a
hamster, which begins dancing and singing Tuff Enough by the Fabulous

That IS amazing! says the bartender and gives the guy his free beer.

If I show you something else amazing, will you give me another beer? The
bartender agrees, so the guy pulls out a small piano and a hamster and a frog.
Now the hamster plays the piano while the frog dances and sings You Isn抰 Seen
Nothing Yet by Bachman-Turner Overdrive.

The bartender, completely wowed, gives him another beer. A man in a suit,
who's been watching the entire time, offers to buy the frog for a princely sum,
which the man agrees to.

Are you nuts? asks the bartender. You could've made a fortune off that

Can you keep a secret? asks the man. The hamster's a ventriloquist.
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