Escape a dwi rap.
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Escape a dwi rap

Two rednecks are driving down the highway, drinking their beer, when flashing
lights from a policeman appear in the driver's rear-view mirror. ''Don't
worry!'' says the driver to his friend, ''Just do exactly what I tell you and
everything will work out perfectly. First, we'll peel the labels off our beer
bottles and we'll each stick one on our forehead. Now shove all of the bottles
under the front seat! And, let me do all the talking!''

They pull over to the side of the road and the cop walks up to the car. He
shines his flashlight into the car and looks at the two drunks. ''Have you been
drinking?'' he asks them.

''Oh no Sir,'' replies the driver.

''I noticed you weaving back and forth across the highway. Are you sure you
haven't been drinking?'' the cop asks.

''Oh, no sir,'' the drunk answers. ''We haven't had a thing to drink

''Well, I've got to ask you,'' says the cop, ''What on earth are those things
on your forehead?''

''That's easy, Officer,'' says the drunk. ''You see, we're both alcoholics,
and we're on the patch!''
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