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A Texan, a Californian and a Seattlite were all drinking in a bar.

After a while, the Texan grabbed a bottle of tequila, threw it in the air and
shot it into a thousand pieces. Don't you boys worry about it, said the Texan,
we have plenty of tequila deep in the heart of Texas.

The Californian, not wanting to be outdone, selected a bottle of fine wine,
tossed it up, and shot it into smithereens. Hey, don't sweat it dudes, chirped
the Californian, There's zillions of bottles of wine in Cal.

The Seattlite, following suit, guzzled down a bottle of micro-brewed beer,
chucked it towards the rafters, shot the Californian, and (without missing a
beat) pulled out his hand and caught the beer bottle. Everyone in the bar stood
frozen in shock.

Relax, kids, said the Seattlite coolly? Up in Seattle, there's a freaking'
shipload of Californians. No big deal.
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