Bubbas secret.
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Bubbas secret

A bunch of guys are sitting at the local bar. They get pretty drunk, and the
topic turns to Bubba at the end of the bar who, as everyone knows, has the
biggest dick in town. One of the guys gets enough courage to go up to Bubba and
ask him why he's got the biggest schlong around.

揥ell,?says Bubba, 揺very night before bed, I tug on my dick and tap it on
the bedpost three times.?

揟hat's it??asks the drunk.

揧up,?says Bubba.
So the guy goes home and quietly slips into his bedroom, pulls out his thing,
tugs, and taps it on the bedpost three times. Suddenly his wife wakes up and
says, 揃ubba, is that you??
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