Miner visits bar.
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Miner visits bar

A miner comes out of the hills, enters a bar, and orders a drink. Looking
around, he asks the bartender, Hey, where抮e all the


The Barman replies, Isn抰 no women here, not far a long time?

Well what do y抋ll do?

We do it with the animals.

Thoroughly disgusted, he ordered another drink and headed back to the hills.

Months later, same story... After downing too many whiskeys he asked the
bartender, You抮e sure you do it with the animals?

Yes, we do, sir

Hearing this, he raced into the street and saw a pig run into an alley. He
chased after it and started having his way with

It, the pig squealing. After a while he heard a noise behind him. He turned to
look and saw half the town, horrified.

The bartender was in front and said, My God, man, what are you doing?

I thought you said you all did it with the animals.
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