Guys take man home.
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Guys take man home

Two guys walk into a bar, and immediately they see someone fall right off his
stool, flat on his ass. So they pick him up, And being good Samaritans, decide
that this guy's too drunk to walk by himself, and figure they should walk him

So they stand him up and try to get him to walk, but he falls flat on his
face. They pick him up, and the guy's feet are Dragging on the ground.

They go a couple of blocks and try to get him to walk again, but nope, he
falls flat on his face.

They get him to his apartment eventually, and try to get him to walk up the
stairs, but he falls again. So they drag him to His apartment, and knock on his

The guy's wife answers and says Oh, thanks for bringing my husband back.
Where's his wheelchair?
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