Frog and rat in bar.
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Frog and rat in bar

A guy walks into a bar. He tells the bartender he has no money, but in
exchange for a beer he'll show him a trick he'll never forget.

The bartender shakes his head but goes ahead and gives the man a beer.

The guy takes a rat out of one pocket and a frog out of another. The rat
scurries over to the bar's piano and plays a tune.

The frog belts out the song in perfect harmony with the rat are piano playing.

A few minutes later another man walks over and offers the customer $100 for
the frog. He instantly accepts, and gives the other mans the frog.

Are you nuts? the bartender asks. That frog could be worth a fortune to

Don't be so sure, the customer says. The rat's a ventriloquist.
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