A amn with his Pistol.
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A amn with his Pistol

Two guys are in a bar discussing their sex lives. One guy says to the other,
How's your sex life, buddy?
The other guy answers, Not too good. Every time me and the missus have sex,
she loses interest halfway through. It's very frustrating.

The first guy says, Yeah, I know what you mean. I used to have the same
problem, but I found a cure. I hid a starter pistol under the bed. When she
started to run out of steam, I simply fired the starter pistol. It gave her such
a fright that she got all excited, and couldn't get enough. I wish I'd done it
years ago!

The other guy says, Hamm... I think I'll try that.

The next day they are back in the bar again. The first guy says, How did you
get on with the starter pistol?

The other guy says, Don't talk to me about starter pistols! Last night we
were having a little 69. As usual, she lost interest half way through, so I
fired the bloody starter pistol, just like you said. The first guy says,
So??? What happened?

The other guy says, She bit my cock, pooped on my face, and a naked man came
out of the closet with his hands up!
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