The Bailey Beverage.
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The Bailey Beverage

This guy and his girlfriend head to the local bar. The girl says she'll be
happy to pick up the round as she's heard of a new drink she wants him to try.

She gets back to the table and has two drinks for him. One is a measure of
Bailey's. The other full of lime juice.

She says, Ok, what you have to do is swig the Bailey's, hold it in your
mouth, and then drink the lime juice.

He looks a little dubious but does as he's told because she's really cute when
she's enthusiastic.

First he swallows the Bailey's. Smooth. Creamy. A warm feeling in his mouth.

Then he chugs the lime juice.

After about a second, the cream in the Bailey's curdles in his mouth.

Two seconds into it his face turns the color of fresh lime juice.

Three seconds and he finally calms his stomach enough to swallow the mess.

As he makes a face, she whispers sweetly in his ear, It's called 'Blowjob
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