Careful when you wish.
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Careful when you wish

Two men died and went to Heaven. St. Peter greeted them, and said I'm sorry, gentlemen, but your mansions aren't ready yet. Until they are, I can send you back to Earth as whatever you want to be.

Great! said the first guy, I want to be an eagle soaring above beautiful scenery!

No problem, replied St. Peter, and POOF! The guy was gone. And what do you want to be, St. Peter asked the other guy.

I'd like to be one cool stud! was the reply.

Easy, replied St. Peter, and the other guy was gone.

After a few months, their mansions were finished, and St. Peter sent an angel to fetch them back. You'll find them easily, he says, One of them is soaring above the Grand Canyon, and the other one is on a snow tire somewhere in Detroit!

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