Joke: Glossary Of PC Messages.
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Joke: Glossary Of PC Messages

It says: "Press Any Key" It means: "Press any key you like but I´m not moving."

It says: "Press A Key" (This one´s a programmers joke. Nothing happens unless you press the "A" key.)

It says: "Fatal Error. Please contact technical support quoting error no. 1A4-2546512430E" It means: "... where you will be kept on hold for 10 minutes, only to be told that it´s a hardware problem."

It says: "Installing program to C:...." It means: "... And I´ll also be writing a few files into c:windows and c:windowssystem where you´ll NEVER find them."

It says: "Please insert disk 11" It means: "Because I know darn well there are only 10 disks."

It says: "Cannot read from drive D:...." It means: "... However, if you put the CD in right side up..."

It says: "Please Wait...." It means: "... Indefinitely."

It says: "Directory does not exist...." It means: ".... any more. Whoops."

It says: "The application caused an error. Choose Ignore or Close." It means: "....Makes no difference to me, you´re still not getting your work back."
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