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Head Start.

You heard that Bill Clinton is begging forgiveness of the American People?
Well, now he's the one on his knees.

What do Bill Clinton and Mark McGwire have in common?
They're both making front-page news with their whacker.

When Chelsea was in Girl Scouts, it was mom Hillary that helped with selling
the cookies. Why not dad?
Because they caught him nibbling on the Brownies!

Bill was recently overheard complimenting Monica's appearance.
She's got the whitest teeth I've ever cum across!

What help wanted ad did Monica Lewinsky answer?
Be a White House intern, and get a taste of the Presidency!

How will Clinton build his bridge to the 21st century?
Apparently while part of a federal prison work release program.

What's the difference between Bill Clinton and his dog Buddy?
One tries to hump the leg of every woman in the White House, the other is a
chocolate lab.

What did Bill Clinton say after he was asked if Paula Jones was better than
Monica Lewinsky?
Close but no cigar!

Clinton testified at the Paula Jones deposition he preferred to engage in
sexual activity only on the days that started with
T: Tuesday, Thursday, Today, Tomorrow, Thaturday, and Thunday.

What is Bill Clinton's favorite federal program?
Head Start.

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