For swallowing her little brother!.
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For swallowing her little brother!

Ma Bell will now be adding a new tax to Clinton's telephone - a luxary tax!

Little Caesers is changing their name to Little Pleasers and with every
pizza ordered you get a big cigar!

Monica is opening a pizza parlor and calling it the Home Of The Pizza Slut!

Clinton's new anti-tobacco message: Don't put that cigar in your mouth, you
don't know where it has been!!

Do you know what BITCH means?
Bill's In Trouble Call Hillary!

They finally found proper grounds for impeaching President Clinton. They found
out the cigar was a Cuban.

Just recently Monica applied to be a Doctor, but she was quickly denied after
they found out that she had sucked as an intern!

For those of you who are interested in the REAL reason that Ken Starr and the
Republicans are out to get Bill Clinton, it is because: The Republicans are
jealous of the sexual activities of the DEMOCRATS. After all, who ever heard of

Did you hear that Chelsea is suing Monica?
For swallowing her little brother!
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