The Nookie Monster.
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The Nookie Monster

Does Monica Lewinsky have to file an IRS return for her presidental income?

If we were playing Clue it would be Monica Lewinsky in the Oval Office
with the magic flute.

What's the difference between President Clinton and O.J. Simpson?
It only took 12 jerks to get O.J. off.

What do you get when you cross Monica Lewinsky with Ted Kazinksy?
A dynamite blowjob.

What do you call 8 days in a row of office sex?
Hannukah Lewinsky.

In Kennedy's time we had Camelot. In Clinton's we have CAME-A-LOT.

The FBI has coined a technical term for the stains found on Monica's dress:

Did you know that Bill Clinton plans to join Sesame Street after his
presidency is over?
He is going to be called The Nookie Monster!
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