The Monica Song.
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The Monica Song

(To the tune of Adam Sandler's The Hanukah Song)
Written and submitted by Greg

Get ready for funica,
Here comes Monica
She's so easyica
Her name is Monica.

Monica is the slut of all sluts,
If you give her a quarter you can grab her butt.

So when you feel like the only one in town,
With a lot of time to burn
Here's a song to recognize,
All you White House Interns!

Come into the office,
This job is a borea
Let me unzip my fly
Then you can suck me till I'm sorea.

Don't worry Miss Monica, no one will know.
'Cause Hillary and Chelsea are in the Poconos.

Bill and Paula Jones and Miss Lewinsky,
Put them together what a fine little orgy!

You don't need Linda Tripp or Kenneth Starr,
'Cause we can have sex with one of my cigars!
It's a Cuban!

Get ready for funica,
Here comes Monica,
I need a blowjobica,
So get to it Monica!

Miss Lewinsky, what a slut.
But man oh man, what a butt!
It's a beauty!

I don't care if you're a little chubby,
Compared to Hillary,
Not to shabby!

Some people think that I'm an old geezer.
Well, I am
but look at how I please her.

So many women are in my life,
About a hundred or so none are my wife!

Tell your friend Veronica,
It's time for Monica,
I hope I don't cumica,
On your big blue dressica!
So drink your gin and tonica,
And smoke your marijuanica,(but don't inhale)
If you really really wannica
Keep on sucking, sucking, sucking, sucking Monica!
Suck it Monica!
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