Call to Heaven.
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Call to Heaven

Once the Indian prime minister Mr.Rajiv Gandhi wanted to visit Ethiopia and he
was successful in implementing his plan and he flew to that country,there he was
very pleased to hear from the President that they can have a call to heaven for
just 3 minutes at a charge of just 2 bucks.Rajiv Gandhi was very much pleased
and he called his mom then his grandparents and every one.Soon after his trip he
summoned all the Indian scientists and ordered them to build a telephone such
that he can call every one from his own country, after one month the scientists
came with the solution and Rajiv made the first call to heaven but the cost for
3 minutes was just more than 300 bucks so he summoned all the scientists and
asked them why the charge is so high, it is only 2 bucks in Ethiopia for which
the scientists replied that from Ethiopia it is just an local call but from
India it is an ISD.
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