A Right Wing Conspiracy Plan.
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A Right Wing Conspiracy Plan

Now stories in DC are rife,
With rumors of Bill抯 private life.
Trouble is brewing.
He won抰 stop his screwing,
And none of it抯 with his dear wife.

They say that his member is bent.
Such talk of the President!!
But none can agree
To what degree,
And in which direction it went.

If you抳e ever seen Hillary抯 pan,
It抯 hard to place blame on the man.
But as to his member,
She cannot remember.
It抯 never been part of her plan.

For the Pres. oral was preferential.
The scene didn抰 look presidential,
The Chief was quite pleased,
To have the Aide on her knees,
In a shot that would prove consequential.

Old Bill had his hand on her head.
He looked in her eyes and he said,
I feel like a winner,
And not a real sinner.
Can you sing me a song while you抮e fed.

She nodded and broke into song.
She sang like nothing was wrong,
In a spectacular manner,
The Star Spangled Banner,
While keeping both lips on his dong.

And then there抯 the stain on the dress,
That抯 put Bill under some stress.
Should he deny it,
The facts sure imply it,
Her mouth couldn抰 hold the excess.

Or was it a whole different matter?
Dismissed as being tabloid tatter,
Was the president wearing,
The dress she was sharing,
Cross-dressing while spilling his batter?

For an intern she抯 a hell of a girl.
Bill told her, it抯 only a whirl,
And I抣l never confess,
to this whole nasty mess,
If ever your lips do unfurl.

Now Slick is a real miracle man.
The polls show if anyone can,
He can stick it in double,
And come out of trouble,
It抯 a Right Wing conspiracy plan.
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