Congress Embraces Internet Technology in Campaign.
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Congress Embraces Internet Technology in Campaign's stock soared and Ebay created an entire new section on their
online auction site to accommodate the US Congress' overhaul of campaign
financial law.
Senator John McCain, in a speech from Capitol Hill, praised his fellow
Senator抯 choice to name your own price for Congressional influence. This is
significant legislation that will turn around a stagnant economy by pouring
millions into politicians' pockets.
In the new law, private citizens will be able to log onto and
name their own price to influence a member of the House. Citizens wishing to
purchase a Senator need to logon to Ebay.
William Jefferson Clinton has replaced William Shatner as spokesman for the
new Congressional Price line. In an off- camera remark, he said, This is
going to be BIG ...really BIG!
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